Mooncake FAQS

Just to answer a few Mooncake related questions...

1) Do you offer shipping?

- Yes I do! All shipping orders will be sent out the Tuesday prior to the corresponding date you've chosen. 

EXAMPLE: Selected Date - Saturday, September 9th

- Your order will be shipped out on Tuesday, September 5th

- When selecting a shipping option, please be mindful of the shelf life of the mooncakes. If possible, please choose a shipping option that is between 1-3 day delivery. 

2) How do I pick up?

- Pick up location will be at Van's Bakery: 1824 Tully Rd. San Jose, CA 95122

- Pick up times will be from 11:00am - 5:00pm for all pick up days. Should you need to pick up earlier, message me and I'll see if I can accommodate. 

- Please carefully choose your pick up date while adding each of your items.

- When picking up, have your name and order number ready and wait for an available employee to assist you. 


3) How do I store the mooncakes and long do they last?

- My mooncakes are made without preservatives and therefore, they should ideally be consumed within 5 days (sooner the better though for best quality). 

- Please store the mooncakes in a dry, cool area.

- You may also refrigerate/freeze them, which does extend their shelf life (about 2-4 weeks). Just bring the mooncakes to at least room temperature before consuming.

*Reheating may be necessary for some items.

**Some mooncakes may change in texture after freezing


4) What's the ideal way to eat my mooncakes?

- Mooncakes traditionally are meant to be shared and eaten with your loved ones, but feel free to go ham on them if you choose to. 

- For the lava mooncakes, you may microwave them (outside of their packaging) for about 3-5 seconds to warm up the lava center. 

- The fried Chiu Chow Mooncake may lose its crispness/texture over time. You can reheat it in an oven (outside of its packaging) to refresh the outer flaky pastry. Won't be exactly the same but better nonetheless! 

*350F for about 3-5 minutes

- Best to be enjoyed with tea (or milk for the chocolate mooncakes) 


5) Do your products contain any Gluten or Nut products?

- Gluten: Most of my mooncakes are NOT gluten free, with the exception of the Snowskin Mooncakes which are made with Rice Flour.

- Nuts: Most of my mooncakes do not contain Peanut products. The only exceptions would be the 61% Chocolate Lotus Mooncake and Almond Mooncake which do contain Peanut Oil.

There are other nuts which are used and present in the kitchen however (Almonds, Walnuts, Cashews, Hazelnuts, Sesame Seeds). All of which are processed in a facility that carries peanuts. 


 6) What are you Cancellation/Refund Policies?

- Cancellations and Refunds accommodations are as follows:

  • 100% refund if requested at least 7 days prior to your Pick Up/Shipping Date*
  • 75% refund if requested within 7 days of your Pick Up/Shipping Date*
  • 50% refund if requested within 72 hours of your Pick Up/Shipping Date*
  • 0% Refund if requested within 24 hours or after your Pick Up/Shipping Date*


*Shipping Date is the Tuesday prior to your selected date